Add a project

Adding your project is critically important. Please read the following information carefully before adding your project.

  • Crossing Serves need you to move throughout your daily life with eyes open to potential service projects within your sphere of influence. Who in your neighborhood could use some help with their yard? Who at your workplace needs some assistance with a wheelchair ramp? What families do you know that could benefit from Crossing Serves?
  • As you and your circle decide where you will be serving, please add the project below. This critically important step helps us:
    • Evaluate the needs of projects and what resources need to be applied.
    • Provide project leaders with information for important communications.
    • Shares the story of what God is doing throughout our town through Crossing Serves.
  • If your project needs guidance, tools, materials or manpower please indicate so on the form. We will contact you to assist with planning and executing your project.
  • Before adding a project, please talk to the person/owner of the property to obtain permission for the project.
  • By adding a project here, you are willing to be contacted for more details about the project.

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